Colorful Lyrics Urdu Poetry Status Video in KineMaster

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Colorful Lyrics Urdu Poetry Status Video in KineMaster

Colorful Lyrics Urdu Poetry Status Video from KineMaster brings to you the power of using poetic terminology of the classical forms in order to read Urdu Poetry. This is an easy method of understanding the poetic forms and mastering the rhymes with the help of audio files. You will enjoy listening to the poetic words in their original sounds to understand the meaning better. They make a perfect accompaniment to the printed translations in traditional Urdu Pashto and also provide translators with glossary, pronunciation and word identification. The audio files are professionally mastered and contain the right lyrics and melody lines to give you the best understanding while reading any Urdu poem.

Urdu poetry status is divided into three categories viz., mushra’at, sharif and masharif. Mushra’at or the prose genre comprises of books of the Qasida and Ghazal that have a clear story of love and affection shared between the characters. While Ghazal includes the stories of beautiful moments and events as well as narrations of great battles and deeds.

Sharif poetry refers to those poems written during the rule of caliph Abdul Baqi’l Muiuddin (Abu-al-zafar). It is mainly a poetic form that reveals the noble character of the ruling kings of the period. However the poems are mostly about politics, human relationships and other similar subjects. Kasharif on the other hand is the set of poems that have a distinct Islamic perspective.

Urdu poetry is mainly written in the Qasida style. These are the poems of the time of Shah Jehan and his successors. There are various categories under the Qasida format that can be studied under this form of study. One of them is Tarkh khanday, a poetic narrative form that narrates the story of a king’s struggle against the foreign rulers. Then there is Karhana, which is very much like the narrative of a fairy tale. Then we have Bakina, which are stories that narrate incidents and scenes from the time of the great warrior kings.

The Qasida format is divided in two sections. The first one is Qasida Gulab, and the second one is Qasida Rashid. These sections narrate different stories in a purely fictional format. The first section mainly relates to the rule of the Qasida dynasty, the second section to the rule of the Qasid dynasty. The story of the latter is based on the true story of the legendary hero, Bahadur Shah Durrani.

Some people have tried to categorize Urdu poetry into three main genres. They include masnawi (night songs), sharara (dramatic tales), and qawwali (episodes). A typical masnawi will comprise of 80 verses. The most famous and common qawwali is a song that was once played on television by Alla Alba. It is called as Pir sharara Pakistan.

The third classification is Qasida Shahid (episodes). It is a historical saga of the Punjabi nation. It usually contains fictional stories of great battles and heroic deeds. This form of Urdu poetry has always been highly applauded and is still much preferred among the people. Many of the episode lyrics have become national anthems.

All the forms mentioned above have their own significance as they reflect on the rich culture of Pakistan. People of all ages and demographics enjoy singing these songs. Some even consider it as their calling and soul. If you are a fan of Urdu Lyrics and have tried to search for some quality and interesting lyrics online, then make sure you visit my website where I am sure you will be able to find them.

I have compiled a collection of my favorite Urdu Lyrics. These are relevant to both ladies and boys. All of them contain a different theme but are connected to a single theme. They are arranged in a manner that it is easy for the readers to understand them. There are no unnecessary words or lines used which makes them catchy and easily understandable.

For ladies, the title of the qarid means “beautiful”. I have divided them into three categories, namely, old ladies, educated ladies and poor fellows. All these categories have a different theme and each of them narrates their story in a different way. The topics also depict how women should behave, how to live their life and how to cope up with different situations.

For boys, you will find the following short stories. They have been arranged in alphabetical order. So, start reading one such story at random and learn it inside and out. Once you know the rhythm of the language, you will be able to comprehend the whole story quite quickly.

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